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But Dear Old Nicki…

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don’t miss the world wide music video premiere of bang bang at, sunday at 9/8c after nicki + ariana + jessie j’s epic performance

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I bet our mother would be proud of you

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                          «´¨`•°.. MINAJXGAGA ~ STXVN ..°•´¨`»

          Hello all my precious followers ( ◕‿ ◕ ) . It’s me, Steven or previously Minajxgaga. I’ve been planning this announcement/transition for the past weeks and I’ve been wanting to do this for a very very long time. 

         The Minajxgaga Era is officially over. 

         It’s out with the old, and in with the new. This is not going to be mypersonal blog" I will rarely post anything personal. This transition is basically just me setting myself free from the cage i was put in when i made Minajxgaga. I loved everything i’ve done with Minajxgaga but sometimes my creativity felt one sided and i really couldn’t branch out and edit other artists or really express myself. I will still be mainly posting Nicki Minaj & Lady Gaga, they’re still my favorite artists and i shall continue to post edits and gifs of them. 

         With this new era, everything will practically be the same besides that i will be editing other artists outside of Nicki Minaj & Lady Gaga, but they are still the main focus.

         I’ve always loved many artists outside of Nicki Minaj & Lady Gaga, and I really wanted to start posting them as well. I’m still going to try to deliver some great edits and posts just now i will be doing the same with other artists. This is just my creative liberation and i am doing this to make me happy so if you don’t exactly like it, I’m ok with that. It’s my blog and i am ready to finally take control of it.

          SAME BLOG. NEW ERA.

Please check out my updated theme to!! ( ◕‿ ◕ )  (x)


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Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy.


Me every time I’m hungry

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“They can’t figure out why they hate me… They say it’s cause I’m pop but it’s only because I am a woman. Wayne, Drake, Eminem, niggas all made pop songs but if I make a pop song, I am putting all of hip hop in jeopardy. I’m doing it better than them… and better than any bitch who has come before and probably better than any bitch who will do it later. I’m destroying this hip hop boys club from the inside out and these niggas don’t even know it.” — Nicki Minaj, New York Times

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